3rd Degree Escape
Charleston Rd., CCSO release – On October 2nd, 2018 at 1021 hours, a Deputy with the Coos County Sheriff’s Office was traveling North Bound on Boat Basin Road near Metcalf Road when he observed 38-year old Joshua James Thompson, Coquille, walking. The Deputy ran Mr. Thompson through the state and national data base and learned he was on the Coos County Community Corrections Detainable list. As the Deputy exited his vehicle, Joshua Thompson began running on foot. The Deputy yelled to Joshua numerous times to stop that he was under arrest but Joshua continued. As Joshua and the Deputy neared Charleston Road and Metcalf Road, Joshua looked back and observed the Deputy had his Taser drawn and pointed at him and he chose to stop after the foot pursuit. Joshua was ordered to the ground to which he complied. Joshua was taken into custody without further incident. A clean hypodermic needle was discovered on Joshua’s person during a cursory search. Joshua was transported to the Coos County Jail for a Parole Violation and cited for Escape in the Third Degree. Joshua was held without bail.

Charleston, CCSO release – On the evening of Monday October 1st, 2018 a Deputy Patrolling in the Charleston Boat Basin contacted Brent Elbert (36) of Coos Bay. Brent was walking down the road with a backpack, and seemed suspicious to the Deputy. Brent provided the Deputy with his name, and then continued walking down the road. The Deputy did a quick search on Mr. Elbert’s name, and found he had a warrant out of North Bend for Failure to Appear. The Deputy made contact with Elbert again, and took him into custody without incident. Brent Elbert was transported to the Coos County Jail where he was lodged on his warrant.

Warrant/Breath Refusal
Hwy. 101, CCSO release – On the morning of Tuesday October 2nd, 2018 Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Bay Bridge Motel on Highway 101 just north of the North Bend Bridge. Reportedly there were two men having a very heated argument at the motel, and 47-year old Darryl Hoover was threatening to use a shotgun on the other party involved in the altercation. Officers from the North Bend Police Department were the first to arrive at the motel where they contacted Darryl Hoover outside his room. Mr. Hoover was intoxicated and continued to scream at members of the Motel staff, and the man he was originally involved in the dispute with. When Deputies arrived on scene, they attempted to interview the victim and witnesses of the incident. However Mr. Hoover continued to scream and began attempting to instigate a physical fight with a member of the motel staff. Darryl Hoover, who is on probation out of Coos County for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, was not allowed to have alcohol as a stipulation of his probation. He was taken into custody, and placed in the back of a patrol car. Darryl attempted to resist, but was placed in custody without incident. Once Hoover was secured in the back of the car, Deputies began trying to investigate the situation again. However, Mr. Hoover began banging his head and body violently in the back of the patrol car. The Deputies opened the door to discover Mr. Hoover had caused approximately a 2 inch long cut to his forehead. Mr. Hoover again attempted to fight Deputies and Officers from the back seat of the patrol car but he was restrained, and soon transported to the Coos County Jail. Once at the jail Mr. Hoover refused to give a breath sample of his blood. He was lodged at the jail on his probation violation.

Warrant/In the Dark
Charleston, CCSO release – On the evening of Monday October 1st, 2018 a Deputy Patrolling the Cape Arago Highway contacted Larry Simones (52) of Coos Bay. Mr. Simones, along with another individual were walking in the dark with no light. The Deputy made contact with the pair, who told him they were on their way to Huckleberry Hill RV Park. The pair continued up the Highway as the Deputy checked to see if they were wanted. It was discovered that Larry Simones had a warrant for contempt of court. The Deputy contacted Larry again, and informed him of the warrant. Larry Simones was taken into custody without further incident and taken to the Coos County Jail where he was lodged on the warrant. While at the Coos County Jail it was discovered that Larry had smuggled a small bag of suspected Methamphetamine, which had been hidden in his underwear, into the jail. The investigation is continuing regarding the possession of that and the introduction into a correctional facility.