Dennis Beetham
DB Western, Inc.

To say that Dennis Beetham is a successful businessman is an understatement.  Dennis Beetham is a successful man, period.  He is Oregon grown and educated, and his primary business is in North Bend (and Texas) where he and his wife work.  Four of their 11 children work for the family business, as well as four grandchildren.  And when you’re in a technical/chemical/engineering/fabrication business, you have to be considerably educated, and so they are.


Although born in New York, Dennis attended grade school and high school in Portland, OR.  He attended college at Portland State earning a BS in Math and Physics in 1964, and went on to the Graduate Schools of Chemistry at both Oregon State and the University of Oregon.  His professional career started in Texas with the Celanese Chemical Company to research new processes for vinyl acetate, hydrogenation, and carbon dioxide absorption.


In 1971, Dennis was hired by Georgia Pacific as an engineering manager to develop six new chemical resin plants throughout the U.S.  He was also the technical manager for developing UFC 85 continuous processes.  In 1975, he started DB Western with a partner, but ultimately became sole proprietor.  Since then his company has designed and built chemical plants in North Bend (to ship abroad) and in many countries throughout the world.  In many instances, Dennis has had to spend considerable time in these foreign countries to train the new plant operators.  Other areas of his company deal with pharmaceutical stabilizers; pressure vessels for various industries, including nuclear power plants; and a great deal more

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The DBW facility in Texas was built in 2001 and is the largest chemical plant of its type.  It supplies 100% of the raw material to DuPont to manufacture “Spandex” fiber, along with many other products.  But Dennis spends most of his time in North Bend, where he and his wife play tennis most mornings before going to work.  He has also been heavily involved in the community, including Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts (over 25 years), the Boys and Girls Club, 4H, Hospice, Women’s Crisis Center, the Alzheimer Center, schools, libraries, colleges and youth sports.  Dennis Beetham is smart, talented, kind, generous and nice to be around… a truly successful man.