I am a candidate for re-election as Coos County Commissioner.  My experience and knowledge serve the county well.   I have college degrees in forestry and business administration.  I have 38 years’ exposure to shipping and port issues.  I have experience in finance from having served on two bank boards.  I served as a trustee for a union pension trust.  I was a director at The Ford Family Foundation.  I served as an officer in the U.S. Army.  I oversaw our family’s livestock and cranberry farm for 40 years.  I am active in my church.  I have served as Coos County Commissioner since 2013.

Since I took office county finances have been a top priority.  I have been instrumental in eliminating $12 million in county liabilities.  This was done without using precious property tax dollars and reduced county property taxes by $1 million per year.

By improving operations at county solid waste and parks, annual losses of $300,000 were converted to surpluses of $300,000, a $600,000 swing which helps support essential county services.

We have protected Coos County’s property tax rate at the second lowest in the state, 60% below the state average.

We have increased non-tax revenues.  Working with Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, we added over $600,000 per year of new revenue.  This has allowed us to reopen much needed jail space.

Because of these and other successes, Coos County has been taken off the state’s list of financially troubled counties.

Yet, our county finances remain a challenge.  Issues beyond local control continue to raise costs.  Balancing our county’s budget and continuing to provide essential services will require leadership and experience.  I have a proven record.  I ask for your vote to continue as your commissioner.