Garden Valley, CCSO release – On May 22nd, 2018 at approximately 1553 hours, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to assist the Coquille and Coos Bay Police Departments regarding a prisoner, Kristopher Hyatt, being disruptive while being transported to the Coos County Jail for outstanding warrants. Mr. Hyatt was suspected of being under the influence of narcotics and was combative in the back of the patrol vehicle during the transport. Multiple Deputies arrived on scene and attempted to get Kristopher to exit the vehicle in order to restrain him better. Officers and Deputies needed to get Kristopher properly detained. Kristopher resisted their efforts. Kristopher bit one of the deputies more than once and drew blood as a result of the injury. After being brought under control, Kristopher was transported to Coquille Valley Hospital where he continued to be disruptive and combative with officers as well as the nursing staff. The injured deputy was seen for his non-life threatening injuries and was discharged from the Hospital. Once Kristopher was discharged from the hospital, he was transported to Coos County Jail for the Warrants, along with additional charges and will be lodged. The Sheriff’s Office has received multiple questions regarding this incident from citizens who witnessed it as many law enforcement officers responded to the call for help at Highway 42 near Garden Valley Road outside of Coquille.