VRO Shutters Landing
CCSO release.  On April 11, 2018 at approximately 8:58 pm a Coos County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the 93000 block of Shutters Landing Lane to take a report of a violation of restraining order which had occurred. During the investigation the Deputy learned a violation by 24-year old Jacob Ryner, Hauser, to a valid restraining order had occurred. The investigation led the Deputy and an Oregon State Trooper to an address located on King Street in Lakeside. When they arrived at the King Street address the suspect, Jacob M. Rhyner ran out the back of the residence into a wooded area at the location. The Deputy and Trooper learned Jacob Rhyner had tried to acquire a pistol from the residence on King Street but was turned down by the resident. At the time it was unknown if Mr. Rhyner had armed himself or not. Fearing the subject may return to further violate the restraining order, Sheriff’s Office K9 Odin was called to the scene for a criminal apprehension K-9 track to arrest Jacob Ryner. Sergeant Adam Slater and K-9 Odin were assisted by a Trooper from the Oregon State Police in this track. After tracking for approximately one and a half miles through extremely dense forest, vegetation, and roads K-9 Odin located Mr. Rhyner and he was taken into custody without further incident. No pistol was located on Mr. Ryner. The Coos County Sheriff’s office was assisted by the Oregon State Police throughout the investigation and apprehension of the suspect. Jacob Ryner was transported to the Coos County Jail where he is being held for Violation of a Restraining Order with a bail amount of $7,500.