Domestic Assault
Lakeside, CCSO release. On March 9, 2018 at about 5:42 pm the Coos County Sheriff’s Office responded to 180 N. 3rd Street in Lakeside for a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, the investigating Deputies learned an argument had begun at 3:00 am that morning when the husband of 53-year old Katherine Lavingne, Lakeside, inquired where she had been. Deputies obtained evidence and witness statements that led them to believe Katherine Lavigne used a can of tomato sauce as a weapon and assaulted her husband. The victim had bruising on his thighs from can foods being thrown at him and he had been punched in the head at some point. The assault had been witnessed by other occupants of the home. During her arrest, Lavigne asked to place some personal property back into the residence. When she was returning her property to the residence, a Deputy observed something concealed in Lavigne’s hand. When asked about what was concealed in her hand, Lavigne turned over a ziplock baggie containing suspected methamphetamine. Lavigne was arrested and transported to the Coos County Jail. Lavigne was booked on one count of Assault II (Domestic) and held in lieu of $250,000 bail. Lavigne will be referred to the District Attorney’s office on the additional charge of Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine.