The Coos Bay City Council will meet on Tuesday, CITY OF COOS BAY CITY COUNCIL MEETING August 20, 2019 – 7:00 PM, City Hall Council Chambers 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon All citizens addressing the City Council under regular agenda items or public comments are required by City Council Rule 2.9.4 to sign-in on the forms provided on the agenda table. If you require a listening enhancement device, please contact the City Recorder. Please silence electronic devices – Thank you. 1. Flag Salute; 2. Public Comments; 3. Consent Calendar; a. Approval of minutes of August 6, 2019; b. Approval of minutes of August 13, 2019; c. Approval of minutes of August 13, 2019 Special Meeting; d. Acceptance of July 2019 Check Registers; e. Acceptance of July 2019 Financial Reports; 4. Consideration of Approval of a Community Development Block Grant Program; 5. Approval of Contract for Pump Station 8 Process Control Software Integration; 6. Consideration of Approval of Additional Costs Associated with the City’s Wastewater; Operation and Maintenance Contract; 7. City Manager’s Report; 8. Council Comments; 9. Adjourn.

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