With all 18 precincts in, and 28,721 ballots cast, Coos County Elections Dept. released its “Final Unofficial Totals Report” from Tuesday’s General Election.  Coos Co. voters went Republican with Art Robinson garnering 51.47% of the vote for US Representative, 4th District, incumbent Peter DeFazio had 45.68% of the vote.  However, district-wide an estimated 57% of the voters went for DeFazio.  For Governor, Coos Co. voters went for Knute Buehler (57.56%) over Kate Brown (33.48%).  However, Brown won the statewide race. For State Representative, 9th District, Caddy McKeown won 53.27% of the vote.  District wide, McKeown had 54.32% of the vote.  For Coos Co. Commissioner, John Sweet won Position 2 with 57.79% of the vote.  County Sheriff was a run away with Craig Zanni (67.75%) re-elected.  Mayor of Coquille won by Kathryn Simonette (50.29%).  A 19-vote difference.   For Coquille City Council, Matt Rowe (16.07%), Mike Layton (16.76%) & Ann Parker (12.81%).  Lakeside Mayor’s race James Edwards with 59.39%.  Myrtle Pt. Mayor’s race, Bill Schaefer 53.91%.  North Bend Mayor: Rick Wetherell 60.69%.  North Bend Council:  Bill Richardson (26.17%), Jessica Engelke (28.65) & Larry Garboden (22.18%).  Powers Mayor:  Robert Kohn (56.62%).  Measures – NB Safety Fee Increase: No (55.19%); Bandon Pool: Yes (60.49%); Measure 103: Yes (56.18%).  However, statewide voters said No.