The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in enhanced DUII patrols over Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28. Additional funding for this High Visibility Enforcement (HVE), is provided by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, in cooperation with ODOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Committee (NHTSA). During this high visibility enforcement, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing the number of officers on the streets to aggressively seek out drunk/impaired drivers. “Our goal is simple, to save lives,” said Sergeant Mark Norris.  “Whatever you drive, if you’re impaired, you will be arrested.”  “Impaired driving is simply not worth the risk.  When the public understands the consequences and costs of an arrest, we believe they will choose not to drive impaired. Remember that driving under the influence of any controlled substance, ie., marijuana, is still considered DUII and you will be arrested for it.”