We did this hike in December, and it was a great hike, but the Yardangs weren’t well formed, so we’re trying it again. Winter Weather and the wind make for some very cool looking sand sculptures geologist refer to as “Yardangs”. You can take a 3 mile moderate to difficult trip up onto the dunes between Hall Lake and the ocean at a slow pace to enjoy the sandy artwork. We are talking slow and steady – easy does it. Hiking sticks make this a much more enjoyable trip. This trip should last about 2-2.5 hours. or, Head on out toward the beach with the longer hikers and return on the Dellenback Dunes Trail or to Hall Lake for a 6 – 7 mile round trip. Rated difficult Walking sticks and sturdy shoes will help make the walk more enjoyable for you. Dress for the weather, bring water and pack a lunch if you plan on the longer hike. Note: If the weather is TOO bad (lots of rain and strong winds), we may reschedule this hike.