NOTE–To help the camp prepare for our visit, I would like people who are planning to hike to contact me at Camp Myrtlewood is an environmental stewardship and hospitality ministry of the Church of the Brethren.  The camp that will be hosting us is made up of 158 acres of temperate rainforest, streams, meadows and rustic buildings located about 12 miles from Myrtle Creek. Launched in 1936 with a land donation, Camp hosts over 2000 people per year.  This is the first time the Striders have done this hike, but some of our hikers did a scouting trip about a year ago. We will hike the camp’s trails, and short and long versions of the hike will be offered. Hiking Sticks will make the climbing  easier. Remember to contact me about your plans to hike with us on September 15.  Location and Time:  Meet at 10:00 at Camp Myrtlewood, which is located off Highway 42 — 3.5 miles south of the hamlet of Bridge on Myrtle Creek Road. For Google Earth and GPS fans, Camp is at 42°59’15” N and 124°00’46” W. Myrtle Creek Road is about 9 miles East of Myrtle Point. Suggested carpool sites and departure times: • Bay Area Visitor Center – 8:45, • Coquille Visitor Center – 9:15; • Rays in Bandon – 8:45.