News release Jordan Cove.  On November 27, 2017, Jordan Cove received direction from the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (“LUBA”) to remedy eight outstanding issues related to the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) facility (the “LNG Terminal”) conditional use permit, which was previously approved by Coos County. Many of these issues have already been addressed in the new application submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in September 2017. “For a large-scale development project such as Jordan Cove, the requirement to remedy minor portions of the LUBA permit is common and not unexpected,” said Betsy Spomer, President of Jordan Cove. “We plan to fully address the items that require further action and expect to remain on schedule with our other permits and the current project timelines.” As part of the review and in support of the LNG Terminal, LUBA confirmed that Jordan Cove does not adversely impact the operations of the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport. Jordan Cove is committed to providing all necessary information to all agencies involved in the process and most importantly, will meet the stringent regulations in place here in Oregon. Once Jordan Cove completes the additional work, the supplemental information will be submitted to the appropriate agencies for approval from Coos County. About Jordan Cove – Jordan Cove LNG is located within the Port of Coos Bay on the North Spit of lower Coos Bay, on an undeveloped site zoned for industrial development, approximately 7 nautical miles from the entrance of the federally controlled and maintained navigation channel. Jordan Cove LNG sits on 400 acres of land owned by Jordan Cove designated an Enterprise Zone by the State of Oregon.