The Oregon Legislature will have three bills to discuss at the State Capitol Today that could impact the Oregon’s Coast and the economy.  The hearings are set for 1 p.m. on Feb. 12 in Hearing Room C in the Capitol. They will all happen one right after the other. Here is a rundown of the bills: SB 259 ** Establishes Task Force on Maritime Sector Workforce Development. SB 260 Requires State Department of Fish and Wildlife to establish program for strategic investments in initiatives related to ocean acidification and hypoxia. SB 753 ** Authorizes executive director of Oregon Ocean Science Trust to enter into agreement with private, nonprofit organization under which organization shall solicit gifts, grants and donations in support of work of trust. Perhaps the most interesting of those is SB 260, because ocean acidification and hypoxia is a serious effect of climate change that’s affecting coastal fishing, oyster and crabbing businesses already. It has been affecting them even long before the wildfire smoke became such a prevalent problem in the valley and Eastern Oregon. This seeks to begin mitigation. And SB 259 is a general and longterm look at how to develop the workforce for maritime industries and creating jobs on the coast.

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