The Marine Board will be hosting an open house to discuss the agency’s legislative concepts on September 19, at 7 pm, at the Marine Board office, 435 Commercial Street NE, in Salem.  Recreational boaters are encouraged to attend and ask questions.  Agency staff will be on-hand to provide background and answers. The Oregon State Marine Board has an ambitious plate of legislative concepts for 2019.  The concepts aim to improve efficiency and safety while adapting to changing boat use and increasing costs to serve Oregon boaters. “The agency has eight concepts and many came about based on feedback from stakeholders over the last couple of years and are woven into the agency’s strategic plan.  It’s a lot to hoist, but the Board is very responsive to the needs of recreational boaters, stakeholders, and partners and we’re always looking for ways to improve our services,” says Larry Warren, Director of the Marine Board.  “These concepts get the agency closer to fulfilling our mission; serving Oregon’s recreational boaters through education, enforcement, access, and environmental stewardship for a safe and enjoyable experience.” For legislative concept details, visit