Hollywood Ln., CCSO release – On March 15, 2019 at about 4:48 PM, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 90770 Hollywood Lane, Coos Bay for a report of a woman threatening her father with a knife. Upon the Deputy’s arrival, the Deputy spoke with the Caller at a neighboring residence. The Caller stated he had been in his back yard working in his garden, when he entered his home and approached 51 year old Kara Lee Saunders at the computer in their residence. After a verbal altercation regarding work in the garden, Kara jumped up from her computer and grabbed the Caller’s glasses off of his face, attempted to hit him and shoved him hard over a chair in the living room. During the altercation Kara took the Caller’s phone after the Caller stated he was going to call the police. After the Caller was shoved over the chair in the living room, Kara continued to attempt to hit the Caller. The Caller grabbed Kara by her arm, placed her in an arm bar and held her down. After the Caller repeatedly asked Kara to stop attempting to harm him, the Caller let her go. While the Caller stayed in the living room of the residence, Kara walked into the kitchen and retrieved a large butcher knife. Kara walked back into the living room of the residence, about four feet away from the Caller and held the knife over her head in the direction of the Caller and said, “You think I won’t do it!”. After Kara attempted to cut the Caller twice, the Caller left the residence and called 911 from the neighbors. Kara was placed under arrest and transported to the Coos County Jail. Kara was booked into the Coos County Jail on the charges of Menacing, Assault IV (Domestic) and Interfering with 911.