ESTACADA, Ore. – Milo McIver State Park will be closed Aug. 16-25 for the Vortex2020 music festival, set for Aug. 22-23. The 10-day closure will allow for event setup and cleanup. Vortex2020 is a two-day music and cultural festival celebrating community, historic awareness and stewardship of public lands. It is being produced, planned and funded by a private nonprofit named Vortex2020. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) will provide the venue and assist with logistics to prioritize safety for all attendees. “We are working closely with event organizers to ensure the park’s natural and cultural resources are protected,” said OPRD District Manager Mark Stevenson. “All park rules and regulations will apply, and visitor safety will be our top priority.” Event organizers are planning for 10,000 attendees, plus an additional 2,000 event staff. “We are accustomed to a large number of visitors and fully equipped to host this event,” Stevenson said. “This park was designed with heavy use in mind.” On a busy summer Saturday, 4,000-5,000 visitors come to the park to recreate. The festival is a tribute to the original Vortex I rock concert, held 50 years ago in August 1970. Gov. Tom McCall made history by partnering with anti-war demonstrators to organize a weeklong “biodegradable festival of life” at Milo McIver in an attempt to avoid a Vietnam War protest in downtown Portland during a scheduled visit of President Nixon. Organizers view Vortex2020 as a distinct event that honors the original. The mission states: “Vortex2020 will not be a nostalgia project, but a fresh statement of our values: community, unity, kindness, historic awareness, and stewardship of our precious public lands.” This approach aligns with OPRD’s role as manager of state parks on behalf of Oregonians and presenter of history connected to those parks. “Vortex I was a significant event in Oregon’s history, and we share Vortex2020’s commitment to honoring that history,” said OPRD Deputy Director MG Devereux. “We are pleased to partner with Vortex2020 by providing the venue.” OPRD is working with recreation partners and property owners to develop temporary recreation options nearby during the closure. More information on OPRD’s role in Vortex2020 is here. Information about the event, lineup and tickets can be found at