The Oregon State Marine Board will hold its quarterly Board meeting on July 11, at the Jackson County Parks Auditorium Room, 7520 Table Rock Rd., in Central Point.  The meeting will begin at 8 am. The Marine Board agenda includes the following items: Boat Operations in Douglas County, OAR 250-020-0102 –Ford Pond, option to adopt rule to prohibit motorboats except for electric motors;   Review and identify local waterbody rules (excluding the Willamette River) regarding proposed rulemaking for wake sport operations. Update from meeting with Legislative Willamette River Work Group; Consider initiating rulemaking for OAR 250 Division 016, Outfitter and Guides; Consider initiating rulemaking for OAR 250-010-0750 -Marine Sanitation Devices; Consider initiating rulemaking for OAR 250-010-0154 –Personal Flotation Devices; Consider initiating rulemaking for OAR 250-010-0315 –Insurance and Duplication Fees.  Repeals rule already in statute; Approval of Facility Grant Requests for: Columbia County, Gilbert River piling repair; Informational updates on legislative concepts. The Board will move into executive session per ORS 192.660(2)(i).  At the conclusion of the executive session, the Board will reconvene into its regular session. To view the agenda, visit