News release from SCINT.  “On 12/19/12 SCINT with Coos Bay Police and a Coos Bay police k9 executed a search warrant at 1426 Juniper, Coos Bay the home of Leslie “Les” Amsbary. As a result of that search warrant the following items, to include but limited to were located: Over 29 grams of Methamphetamine, Scale, Packaging material, Meth pipes, snort straws and scoops, bindles with meth residue and other meth paraphernalia. Over 33 ounces of marijuana, marijuana packaging material and marijuana smoking pipes and a pistol.  Amsbary and another male located in the residence, Neal Leon Wisegarver, who was wanted on a warrant were arrested and transported to the jail.  A second search warrant was executed at Amsbary’s storage unit at the Midway Mini Storage, 91317 Kellogg #19 & #20. As a result of that warrant SCINT Detectives along with Coos Bay PD and Coos Bay k9 located 21 rifles. Amsbary is a convicted felon.  SCINT encourages the public to report narcotics activity on the web by going to and “Report a Dealer”.”

Meth Bust
News release from SCINT.  “On December 23rd 2013 SCINT Detectives executed a search warrant at 1573 North 19th Street Coos Bay, Oregon after a month long investigation regarding illegal drug activity at the residence. SCINT was assisted by Coos County’s Emergency Response Team, Oregon State Police, Coos Bay Police Department, Coquille Tribal Police with K9 “Stormy”, and Coos County Sheriff’s Office. Craig Matson 54 years, Courtney Beasley 37 years, Margaret Farris 30 years, Lise Pinkerton 47 years, Keith Jones 53 years were arrested for unlawful possession of methamphetamine. Robert Mayea, a resident of 1573 North 19th, was contacted at a secondary location and arrested on multiple warrants and for possession of methamphetamine.  Detectives also found evidence of Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle within the residence and upon Robert Mayea’s person. A firearm and over one pound of marijuana was also seized at the residence.  As of this press release additional arrests are anticipated.  SCINT encourages the public to report narcotics activity on the web by going to and “Report a Dealer”.”