News release CCSO.  On 4/19/2017 at 10:26 AM a 911 caller reported the dangerous and reckless operation of a vehicle on Libby Road heading towards Charleston, Oregon.  The caller was able to provide a vehicle description and a license plate number. A short time later a Confederated Indian Tribal Police Officer observed the vehicle in Charleston and attempted to stop it.  The driver of the white Honda accelerated away fleeing from the officer. A short time after that a Coos County Sheriff’s Deputy observed the vehicle on Highway 101 driving southbound near Seven Devils Road.  Before the Deputy could get close enough to initiate a traffic stop the driver accelerated away and sped south bound forcing several vehicles to move off of the road in order to avoid a collision.  The Deputy pursued the driver who by this time was driving at speeds over 100 mph south on Highway 101. The Deputy lost sight of the vehicle just north of Bandon in the area of Bullard’s Beach State Park.  Bandon Police Department, Oregon State Police and other Sheriff’s Deputies had all were in the area when the initial pursuit began in an attempt to intercept the car which was had license plates which were reported stolen out of California. When the Deputy lost sight of the vehicle in the area of Bullard’s Beach State Officers began searching the area of the park on the west side of Hwy 101 and North Bank Lane to the east.  Officers observed the car inside of Bullard’s State Park.  The driver attempted to flee again narrowly missing a Bandon Police Officer in a near head on crash. A Deputy was attempting to place spike strips in the likely path of the vehicle in the park when it approached at high speeds.  At the last minute the driver veered off of the road, hit a small bump in the grass which rendered the vehicle completely airborne.  The vehicle landed and struck a second bump which made it go fully into the air a second time.  This second time the car passed closely by the Deputy who was standing in the grass trying to avoid being struck. The speeding car entered the Bullard’s State Park Camp Ground area at speeds estimated at least 60 miles per hour with patrons on foot in the area.  After missing several people the car continued to speed going the wrong way through the campground until it crashed into a tree activating the front and side airbags. After the crash both the male driver and male passenger fled the vehicle and officers running into a wooded section of the park. Deputy Adam Slater and his K9 Odin had been nearby and responded to the call.  Canine “Odin” was deployed after the two men were seen fleeing from the car.  Odin found the first suspect within five minutes of being deployed.  He was identified as 26 year old passenger Gregory Kister. After his first capture Odin continued to track the second man who fled.  The second man, upon realizing the canine was a short distance from him returned to the roadway and surrendered to a Bandon Police Officer who was on the roadway.  The driver was identified as 24 year old Skyler Waldrop. This is capture number 44 for Canine Odin since he came to work for the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. In the following investigation it was found that the vehicle, a 2016 Honda Civic had been reported stolen out of Sacramento California and in a separate crime the license plates had also been reported stolen off a different vehicle.  The Coos County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Bandon Police Department, Oregon State Police and Confederated Tribal Police.  The 2 men were each charged with several crimes.  They include: 1 x ORS 164.135 – Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (C Felony); 1 x ORS 819.300 Possession of a Stolen Vehicle (C Felony); 7 x ORS 163.195 Reckless Endangering of Another Person (A Misdemeanor); 2 x ORS 811.140 Reckless Driving (A Misdemeanor); 3 x ORS 811.540 – Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officer (C Felony); 1 x ORS 811.540 – Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officer (A Misdemeanor); 2 x ORS 164.365 Criminal Mischief 1st Degree (C Felony); 1 x ORS 164.095 Theft by Receiving / Theft III (C Misdemeanor); 2 x ORS 163.165 – Assault III (Attempted) (C Felony).  Additionally Skyler Waldrop was also charged with 1 x ORS 811.700Fail to Perform Duty of Driver / Accident (A Misdemeanor). Because both men were currently on supervision by Coos County Parole and Probation Officers they also had detainers placed on each of them by their supervising Officers. Both men were transported to and lodged at the Coos County Jail without further incident.