Spaw Lane, CCSO release – On May 18th, Upon his arrival the Deputy saw a woman, later initially identified as Erica M. Sharp 27 yoa of Coos Bay, coming out of a driveway on Spaw Lane. The Deputy knew the owners of this property and further knew Ms. Sharp did not reside at the location. The woman was carrying suspected stolen property still wrapped in its original packaging. Ms. Sharp began walking quickly down the middle of Spaw Lane towards Cape Arago Hwy. The Deputy attempted to speak with Ms. Sharp and she threw the suspected stolen property to the ground and began to run from the area on foot, after being ordered to stop, while yelling the statement, “I am not going to jail.” 2018 at approximately 10:05 P.M a Coos County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to Spaw Lane located off of Cape Arago Hwy to several reports of screaming coming from the location. The deputy, who had been assisting the Oregon State Police at the scene of the fatal car crash in Bunker Hill, responded. The deputy observed a snowboard in its original wrapping on the ground where the woman dropped it. The deputy, knowing of several thefts and burglaries which have been happening in the area, suspected this woman had stolen the snowboard after she dropped it so quickly. At this time the deputy had probable cause to arrest the fleeing woman for Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, and Attempted Escape after he told her she was under arrest and Interfering with a police officer. K-9 Odin was deployed to conduct a criminal apprehension track. After a short track of about 50 yards K9 Odin located Ms. Sharp hiding behind a conex container next to a business known as His Junk Her Treasures. Ms. Sharp made no effort to alert police to her hiding location. Ms. Sharp later stated, “I shouldn’t have run.” Although she kicked at K9 Odin at the conclusion of the track, striking him in the nose, Ms. Sharp was apprehended at this time. Mrs. Sharp was charged with Theft in the Second Degree, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Interfering with Police, Interfering with a Police Animal, Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree, and Escape in the Third Degree. Ms Sharp was taken to Bay Area Hospital where she was referred on these charges in lieu of being taken into custody. On May 19th, The deputy continued to investigate the burglary and discovered the female was Amanda Sharp. There was video evidence but in the investigation it was seen that Amanda Sharp had spray painted a camera, which disabled it. Ms. Sharp was positively identified by a citizen as being involved in the burglary. She was apprehended in a residence near the burglary site without incident. , 2018 at 1300 hours, a different Deputy responded to the store His Junk Her Treasures located at 92498 Cape Arago Highway, Coos Bay, for a reported burglary. During the course of the investigation, the Deputy learned a snowboard had been stolen from the store. The Deputy did not have prior knowledge that Sergeant Adam Slater and K9 Odin had apprehended a female the night before while in possession of the stolen snowboard. Amanda Sharp was arrested and taken to the Coos County Jail where she remains lodged atthis time. She has bail set at $90,000. Amanda was charged with Burglary II, Criminal Trespass II, Theft II, Possession of Burghlar tools, Identity theft, Interfering with a Police Officer, Interfering with a police animal, Disorderly Conduct II and Attempted Escape III. For clarification, Amanda Sharp is the suspect captured by K9 Odin on Friday night not Erica. She used her sister Erica’s name falsley saying that was who she was to the deputy.