Clean Cut Landscape, Inc. is a full-service professional landscape company servicing the Southern Oregon Coast. Our goal is understanding and catering to the needs of our customers. We recognize the value of your home or business. With professionally installed and maintained landscaping, your investment will increase and so will our reputation for quality. We want to ensure that your garden stays well-maintained this winter. Here are a few effective tips to help your garden during winter:

Add Mulch to the Soil
Mulch is a great way to maintain and retain moisture for your plants during a winter-dry spell. It also acts as a protective layer for the plants by protecting the roots from extreme weather conditions. Not to mention the neat finish it gives to your garden, giving a great curb appeal.

Mowing Strategies
During the last month of summer you should gradually lower the cutting base of your lawn mower each time you mow the lawn.  Slowly cutting your grass shorter will allow it to winter well without shocking it by cutting it all off at once.

If you leave your lawn too tall during the winter months it will be prey to field mice and other burrowing animals that want a warm place to sleep.  Mice and Moles can destroy large parts of your lawn by building nests.

Make sure your grass is as short as possible at the end of the season.  Short grass also protects any new growth that may be more fragile near the end of the growing season.

Keep it Clean
It is easy for items to be left on the lawn during the long, cold winter when no one goes outside very often.  Stray logs, toys, and even lawn furniture can be accidently overlooked before the first snow or heavy rains come.

Make sure that you clear the lawn of all objects after you mow it for the last time of the year. Do an occasional sweep of the lawn every couple of weeks during the winter, as well.

If an object is left on the grass during cold weather and snowfall it can create large dead spots because of the weight of the object. In the spring the grass in that area will be stunted and thinner than the rest of the yard.

Avoid Excessive Lawn Traffic
When the grass is brown and short it can be easy for people to forget that it shouldn’t be walked on. Try to prevent very much foot traffic on your winter lawn. Grass is relatively resilient, but it will have a difficult time recovering if a path becomes well-worn across the lawn.