On Saturday, August 24th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the renowned Yachats Big Band will host a special benefit dance in support of the Friends of the Little Log Church and Museum, who are raising funds for a restoration of the historical Yachats building. The Little Log Church, which has been at the corner of West Third and Pontiac Streets for ninety years, has suffered from progressive deterioration over the years due to dry rot, attacks from aggressive carpenter ants, and inadequate structural issues. Because repair is not a practical option, the Little Log Church Board, along with city representatives and professional consultants, agreed to remove the existing building and replace it with a building that not only replicates the structure of the building but also maintains the spirit and design of the present Little Log Church. All artifacts, furnishings, collections and valuable historical documents will be preserved and returned to the replicated building. For the city of Yachats it is a daunting undertaking, but because of the strong dedication of supporters of local history, and the services the Log Church provides to residents and visitors, it will be a do-able labor of love. The popular Yachats Big Band plays regularly at the Yachats Commons the first Thursday of every month, where folks have the opportunity to listen and dance to classic big band music for a blissful two hours. The group has added additional performances to their schedule this summer – the series being called “Big Band at the Beach”. The program is emceed by Dick Forster, who introduces the tunes and provides an interesting back story on each number. The talented band members hail from Florence, Yachats, Newport, and Toledo. It’s obvious they love playing the classic band music from the thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. Those who attend have a great time dancing or just listening to the dulcet tones of yesteryear. Refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Little Log Church. Suggested donation for the evening’s entertainment is just $5.00 per person. Tax deductible donations to the Friends of the Little Log Church and Museum will be most appreciated. The Yachats Commons is located at the corner of West Fourth and Hwy. 101 in the heart of town. Be there or be square!