CORBETT, Ore. — The Angel’s Rest Trailhead in the western Columbia River Gorge has reopened. The trailhead was closed Thursday, June 6 in cooperation with the Multnomah County Sheriff, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and other partners to aid in the search for a cougar in the area and due to concerns about public safety. Information about the response to the cougar incident is available from ODFW; contact Rick Swart, 971-673-6038, or Michelle Dennehy, 503-947-6022, Trail visitors are reminded Angel’s Rest can get very congested, especially on weekends. If there’s no room to park legally and safely, either move to a different park or reschedule your visit. A mass transit option is available; see for details. Information on taking care of the Gorge and yourself as a visitor is online at Visitors can also use the Columbia River Gorge Visitor Guide brochure to help plan their trip. Most Oregon trails are in a natural setting. While cougar sightings are rare, hikers can take simple precautions to reduce the chance of a surprise encounter:  Stay aware of your surroundings. Keep those headphones and earbuds stowed until you get home. Travel with a friend. Keep small children nearby. Keep pets leashed. Hike after dawn and return before dusk to avoid the times when cougars are the most active. Carry a deterrent device within quick reach. Respect park warning signs or notices of cougar activity. And if you do encounter a cougar: Stop. Stay calm. Don’t run. Keep a hold of your pets and children. Appear large. Make noise.  Fight back if attacked. Visitors should promptly report any cougar sightings to park officials. More information about the animals is on the ODFW website: