Olive Barber Rd, Eastside – CCSO release – On July 13, 2019, at approximately 9:45 PM, A Coos County Sheriff’s Deputy was advised that 29 year old Samantha K. Anthony requested to meet a Deputy in order to file a report of an alleged crime. The Deputy contacted Samantha and took her report. While giving her statement, 40 year old Jamin J. Sacket arrived to support Samantha. After taking the report, the Deputy learned Samantha K. Anthony and Jamin J. Sacket had valid probably cause for their arrest in connection to a crime that occurred on July 6, 2019, in which the two were named as suspects. It was alleged Samantha had kidnapped and conspired in the assault of a man in which Jamin had attacked with a “fish bat”. The victim of the crime informed Deputies he was driven to the home of Jamin where Samantha attempted to lock him in the car and deliver him to Jamim. The victim stated he was held against his will in the vehicle by force as well as locked inside by the driver (Samantha). The victim told Deputies he was able to break free of the vehicle and attempted to run away as Jamin gave chase. The victim stated he fell onto the roadway where Jamin began to attack him with a “fish bat”. The victim said he was afraid for his life as he thought Jamin was trying to kill him. The victim had several injuries to his person consistent with his account. Subsequently, both Samantha K. Anthony and Jamin J. Sacket were arrested and transported to the Coos County Jail without incident. Samantha was held pending charges of Kidnapping 1 (measure 11), Coercion & Conspiracy to commit Assault 2. Jamin was held pending charges of Assault 2 (measure 11).

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