Lakeside Stabbing
No. Lake Rd., CCSO release – On March 18, 2020, at 8:20 PM, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office responded to 170 N. 10th Street, Lakeside, Coos County, Oregon in response to a report of a stabbing. Upon arrival, it was learned the victim, identified as Sean R. Noah, had been stabbed, sustaining serious physical injury, near the intersection of North Lake Road and North 9th Street, near the Lakeside City Hall. During the course of the investigation, a suspect was not identified. Mr. Noah described his assailant as being under six feet tall, with sandy blonde hair, a light blue hoody and wearing a face mask. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office requests anyone with information regarding this incident to please call the Coos County Sheriff’s Office at 541-396-7800 or 541-396-2106.

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