Coos Co. Sheriff & Family at Shore Acres
CCSO release – Date / Time: December 17th 2023; Location: Shore Acres State Park (Shore Acres Lights); Sheriff Fabrizio, members of the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, and their families “Host” the Public at Shore Acres Holiday Lights. Sheriff Fabrizio and his family, along with several members of the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, “Hosted” the Public this evening at Shore Acres Holiday Lights. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office has been “Hosting” one night each year over the past several years. Sheriff Fabrizio said, “It’s one of the events every one of us, including our families, look forward to each year.” This evening, one of the biggest draws of public attention was K9 Poe #herecomesthepoepoe and her “Dad,” Deputy Boswell. The K9 team entertained guests with several K9 demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions. All of us from the Sheriff’s Office wish you and yours a happy and blessed holiday season.

Burglary Attempt, Lakeside
CCSO release – Date / Time: 12/16/2023 @ 1:16 p.m.; Case Number(s): 2023-00035917; Classification: Burglary II (Attempted); Location: S. 8th Street, Lakeside, OR; Suspect(s): Crokett, Patrick Kelly (34). Deputy M.R. Smith observes a man attempting to burglarize a residence and makes an arrest while on patrol in Lakeside. On Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 1:25 p.m., Deputy M.R. Smith was patrolling southbound on S. 8th Street, Lakeside, Coos County, Oregon. While on patrol in the Lakeside area, Deputy M.R. Smith observed a suspicious subject (whom he knows from prior police contacts), as Patrick K. Crokett (34), enter the open garage of a residence on S. 8th Street. Upon noticing Deputy M.R. Smith, Mr. Crokett exited the garage and continued walking down S. 8th, attempting to avoid contact with Deputy M.R. Smith. Deputy M.R. Smith investigated the incident and contacted the renter of the home, who was out of the area. The renter told Deputy M.R. Smith that no one had her permission to be on her property or in her garage. Deputy M.R. Smith later contacted Patrick K. Crokett (34) and asked him if he had permission to be in the garage of the above residence. Mr. Crokett said the garage door was slightly ajar, so he decided to check on it. Deputy M.R. Smith asked Mr. Crokett what he expected to find inside the garage, and he said, “A million Dollars.” A record check of Mr. Crokett revealed he had several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Mr. Crokett was arrested for the outstanding warrants and charged with Attempted Burglary II for entering the garage that did not belong to him with the intent to commit a crime therein. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office would like to commend Deputy M.R. Smith for his proactive observations while on patrol and serving the citizens of Coos County.

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