Warrant Arrest, Huckleberry Hill
CCSO release – Date/Time: March 25th, 2024, around 9:04 pm; Case #: 202400007119; Classification: Warrant Arrest, Probation Violation, False Information to a Peace Officer; Location: Huckleberry Hill Trailer Park, Coos Bay; Suspect(s): Kenneth Bastendorff (34); Summary: Wanted Felon Arrested at Huckleberry Hill Trailer Park. On March 25th, 2024, around 9:04 p.m., Deputy Z. Smith was conducting a search for a wanted individual at the Huckleberry Hill trailer park in Coos Bay when he encountered a disturbance within a motorhome. Upon investigation, Deputy Smith engaged with two individuals, one identified as a 34-year-old male, later confirmed to be Kenneth Bastendorff. Initially, Mr. Bastendorff provided false information to disguise his identity. Deputy Smith knew Mr. Bastendorff was listed as detainable by Coos County Parole and Probation. Despite multiple opportunities to rectify his information, Mr. Bastendorff persisted in his deception until dispatch confirmed that he had an outstanding felony warrant. Subsequently, he conceded to his true identity. Mr. Bastendorff was taken into custody on charges of the active warrant, a probation violation detainer, and providing false information to a peace officer. He was then transported and booked into Coos County Jail.

UEMV, Joe Ney Dump Site
CCSO release – Date/Time: March 12th, 2024, around 1:20 pm; Case #: 202400006009; Classification: Unlawful Entry into Motor Vehicle; Location: Joe Ney Dump Site; Suspect(s): Amber Swenson (41); Summary: Deputy Resolves Unauthorized Vehicle Entry Case. On March 12th, 2024, at approximately 1:20 pm, Deputy B. Freerksen responded to a report of unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle at the Joe Ney dump site. The victims, who had camped overnight in the vicinity, reported the theft of black boots with green soles valued at $60, various tools totaling $100, and a $150 power inverter from their parked vehicle. A green SUV resembling an old Pathfinder was seen leaving the area around 11:00 am, driven by a female. The road department provided photos capturing the suspect vehicle departing the scene at the time of the theft. Deputy Freerksen later spotted a vehicle matching the description and conducted a traffic stop on Joe Ney Rd due to improper display and expired registration. The driver, identified as Amber Swenson (41), was informed of the reason for the stop and that she was not free to leave due to an ongoing investigation. During the interaction, stolen items were seen in the back of the vehicle through the window. Sgt. J. Boswell arrived on the scene to assist with the investigation. Ms. Swenson admitted to taking the items from the vehicle. She was arrested for Theft and Unlawful Entry in a Motor Vehicle and transported to the Coos County Jail.

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