CFPA release – CFPA responded to four fires over the weekend. The first fire on Hayward Inlet in the South Slough was less than an acre and was human caused, believed to be a cooking fire from kayakers. Another group of fires were reported in the Grinnell Lane area, these fires were human caused also, and are under investigation. On Saturday a fire occurred near Gardiner that was the result of an exhaust from a weed-eater starting a grass fire after being placed in the grass while running. The last fire was reported just before midnight on Saturday in the Morgan Ridge area. The Morgan Ridge fire was stopped at less than an acre and was human caused the fire is under investigation. The regulated Use closure is implemented to prevent these kinds of fires by modifying human activities that are known to cause fires by limiting when and where certain activities can safely occur. CFPA needs the public’s cooperation with fire prevention to keep fires from starting. For more information on fire prevention requirements or closures contact the CFPA closure line at 541-267-1789, visit us on the web at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.