City of Coos Bay release – Brush pick-up is a great time to make sure your property complies with city code by keeping the streets and sidewalks clear and safe. Brush must be out at the curb prior to May 2. It should be next to the curb, away from any overhead obstacles, fire hydrants, or other obstructions. Each address is allowed one pile, no more than five feet in length. The pile should have only materials appropriate for grinding, such as brush, leaves in paper bags, tree limbs, and blackberry vines. No grass clippings, sod, dirt, loose leaves, plastic bags, baling twine, rope, or non-organic materials. Les’ Sanitary and Coos Bay Sanitary will take up to five cubic yards of brush per address. For more than five cubic yards of brush, call Les’ Sanitary (541-267-2848) or Coos Bay Sanitary (541-267-6675) to make arrangements to pick it up for a fee ($15.50 per yard).