The Coos Bay, City Council will meet on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 – 7:00 PM, Council Chambers – 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon. All citizens addressing the City Council under regular agenda items or public comments are required by City Council Rule 2.9.4 to sign-in on the forms provided on the agenda table. If you require a listening enhancement device, please contact the City Recorder. Please silence electronic devices – Thank you. Meeting Live Link/Video Microsoft Teams Remote Attendance Link Agenda: 1. Flag Salute; 2. Public Comments; a. Public Comment Form; 3. Consent Calendar; a. Approval of January 4, 2022 Minutes; b. Acceptance of December 2021 Financial Reports and Check Registers; c. Approval of Amendment to Public Contracting Rules Policy – Would Require Adoption of Resolution 22-02; 4. Presentation of the Semi-Annual Bay Area Chamber Activities Report; 5. Public Hearing to Consider Amending Coos Bay Municipal Code Title 17 Development Code Regarding Short Term Vacation Rental Regulations – Would Require Enactment of Ordinance; 6. Public Hearing to Consider Amending Coos Bay Municipal Code Regarding Permitted Locations for Marijuana-related Business – Would Require Enactment of Ordinance; 7. Approval of the Urban Renewal Agency Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2021; 8. City Manager’s Report; 9. Council Comments; 10. Adjourn.