Southwest Oregon Regional Airport release – Booking commercial air service to and from Denver is now available at Denver service is offered Wednesdays and Sundays through October 23, 2024. United Express operated by Skywest also offers daily flights to San Francisco. The number of passengers filling available seats (enplanements) on United’s flight to and from the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport continued at a record pace. In April, passengers filled 74% of available seats. There was no change to numbers over April in 2023, however it helps keep the numbers on a better than anticipated trajectory. The airport experienced record-setting numbers of passenger traffic over numbers achieved in the prior years. The continued increase is good news for the south coast and the airport, especially as the district continues to seek a northbound route for commuters. In April, the CCAD Board of Commissioners, approved an expanded contract with the aviation consulting firm Volaire. There are also plans for airport officials to attend a conference this year to meet with multiple carriers in person to discuss Portland service from OTH.