Coos Co. District Attorney R. Paul Frasier is moving to dismiss a murder charge against a 33-year old Coos Co. man after he was deemed to be mentally unfit to “aid and assist in his defense.” According to a news release, Kevin Lee Yates was arrested on April 10, 2021 on a charge of Murder in the Second Degree involving the death of his grandmother, Teclutsa Margaret Sause. “At the time of his arrest it was apparent that Mr. Yates was suffering from some sort of mental illness. Further investigation revealed that Mr. Yates had suffered from severe mental illness for years.” Under Oregon law, before a defendant can be prosecuted for an offense, the defendant must be able to mentally aid and assist in their defense. Yates was committed to the State Hospital for treatment. In February, Coos Co. was notified that Yates would never be able to aid and assist in his defense. A second opinion verified the State’s conclusion. Frasier filed a petition with the Court asking that Yates be declared an extremely dangerous person with a mental illness and asked that he be committed to the State Hospital under the jurisdiction and supervision of the Psychiatric Security Review Board. That commitment is for two-years, but is renewable.