The Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board will meet at 9 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the Department of Administrative Services. The meeting is open to the public and may be attended in person or via the web; public comments will be taken from those attending in person and online. To join the meeting virtually, please see the instructions. The agenda and handouts will be posted on the advisory board’s website. The legislature established the advisory board with enactment of ORS 276A.270-276. The board will advise the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) on key decisions and strategic choices about how the CIO manages and operates the state’s web portal services. The portal is the connection point for citizens to access state agency services and information on the internet. “Web portal services” means providing the hosting, content management, electronic commerce, public collaboration and application development needed to operate and maintain, online services and make payments over the web. The board provides oversight of specific websites, services and online payments where agencies choose to utilize the state CIO’s E-Government Program as their service provider. With the board’s advice, the state CIO wants to make the Oregon web portal services and their operation as effective as they can be for citizens to interact with state government. Meeting Details: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 9 – 11:45 a.m.; General Services Building, DAS IT Conference Room, 1225 Ferry Street SE, Salem, OR 97301.