City of North Bend release – The City of North Bend has received complaints about election signs.  Residents of North Bend, we want to remind you about the rules and regulations surrounding the placement of election signs: – Do not place signs in public right-of-ways (like sidewalks or medians), as they can obstruct maintenance work and distract drivers. – Public property, including parks and other city-owned land, is off-limits for signs. – Always secure permission from a property owner before placing signs on private property to avoid littering. – For details on sign size and number, please refer to the city code. If your sign violates city code, it will be photographed and removed by code enforcement officers. Removed signs are stored for 30 days before being destroyed. If your sign has been removed, you can contact code enforcement to reclaim it by contacting us at State roads (Hwy 101, Virginia Avenue, etc.) also have specific rules. Signs found violating these will be removed and held at a nearby ODOT office for 30 days. To reclaim these signs, visit For the most recent updates on sign regulations, following changes to the zoning code, check out the North Bend’s Zoning Code: Stay informed and ensure your signs comply with the latest regulations to avoid penalties. Thank you for helping keep our city safe and clean!

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