On September 3, 2019 the Oregon State Police requested the public’s assistance with information regarding a spike elk found dead in Yamhill County. Suspicious circumstances such as the proximity (150 yards) to another recent bull elk kill, the location of the spike in a main trail, the well placed broad head wound, as well as other physical evidence at the scene suggested the elk may have been located by the shooter and ultimately wasted. Through the press release both un-related parties involved with the take of the harvested elk as well as the wasted elk contacted OSP. Troopers were able to use a trail camera they placed on the animal, the ODFW Electronic Licensing System, physical evidence at the scene (type of broadheads used etc.), and data from both parties ONX maps to corroborate statements made by the involved parties. It was determined the hunter who shot the elk had made a reasonable effort to locate the elk but had lost it. Once it was determined the elk was in fact the one he had shot, Troopers informed him he was required to validate his tag, which he did. No enforcement action was taken on this case and the Oregon State Police would like to thank these individuals for coming forward.