CBPD release – On June 27th at approximately 6:15 pm., the Coos Bay Police Department released a press release detailing an incident that occurred in the Empire Area on the 23rd of June. The press release provided information about an incident involving a disturbing video of a male subject being harassed and followed by other subjects. At the time of the press release, the Coos Bay Police Department urged anyone with additional information to contact them. Officers continued investigating the incident by checking with businesses for video surveillance and interviewing citizens who might have witnessed the incident. On June 30th at approximately 1:00 pm the Coos Bay Police Department’s dispatch center received a phone call from the male subject who had created the video of the incident. The male subject requested to speak with an officer about the video and the incident that had occurred in the Empire area of Coos Bay on the 23rd. A Coos Bay Officer responded to his location and the subject provided his account of the incident. During the interview, he explained that no one was physically assaulted and that no physical contact was made between any of the subjects. During the time of the interview, he wasn’t able to provide the officer with any additional names of the others involved. With the additional information provided by witnesses and through obtained video surveillance, officers believe they have identified two additional involved subjects, whom they are attempting to locate for their statements. At this time, the incident is still under investigation. The Coos Bay Police Department is still asking for anyone who may have additional information about the incident to please contact the Coos Bay Police Department at 541-296-8911 or Coos Stop Crime at 541-267-6666.

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