CFPA release – Coos Forest Protective Association (CFPA) has lifted fire season on all lands under their protection effective Monday, September 23, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. Remember to always exercise caution when burning or doing other activities that could cause a fire to start. CFPA does not prohibit the burning of household paper and yard debris outside of fire season. However, DEQ, city and rural fire departments may still require a permit. Remember when burning you must be in attendance at all times and maintain control of your burning at all times. The end of fire season also means the end of public use restrictions for recreation, but always check with the landowner you are recreating on to make sure they do not have any restrictions.  The end of fire season eases restrictions on activities that often start fires but it does not relieve a person of responsibility and liability for their actions. CFPA is available for advice on safe burning practices or to answer any fire prevention questions you may have. You can contact CFPA at (541) 267-3161, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or find them on the web at