ODFW release – June 16, 2021 ACTION NOTICE – Commercial Troll Salmon: NOAA Fisheries in consultation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, the Pacific Fishery Management Council, and fishery representatives has taken the following in-season action in the commercial troll salmon fishery in the area from Humbug Mt. to the Oregon/California Border: ACTION TAKEN: The commercial troll salmon season fishery from Humbug Mt. to the OR/CA Border closes to fishing at 11:59PM on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. RATIONALE: June landings through Tuesday, June 15 are estimated to be 271 Chinook out of the quota of 300 Chinook, leaving no more than 29 Chinook remaining on the June quota. The fishery is scheduled to reopen on July 1 on a quota of 200 Chinook for the month of July. Fishery managers anticipate revisiting the July season in late June to adjust to quota for any rollover from remaining June quota or possibly a reduction to the July quota if the June quota was exceeded. In addition, managers will be considering whether to reduce the weekly (Thursday through Wednesday) landing and possession limit from 20 to 10 Chinook per vessel. This is anticipated to occur on a call scheduled for June 25. Participating vessels are reminded of the mandatory reporting of landings within one hour of delivery or prior to transport away from the port of landing. Reports may be made by phone to (541)867-0300 ext. 252 or by email to kmzor.trollreport@state.or.us. Report should include the vessel name and documentation number, the number of Chinook salmon being landed, the port of landing, the name of the fish buyer to whom the fish are being sold, and the estimated time of delivery.