North Spit, CCSO release – On May 26, 2019 at 1435 hours, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office took a report of theft from a vehicle on the North Spit in North Bend. A suspect broke into a tourist’s car window and removed multiple items from the automobile. In aggregate over $2,000.00 of property was removed from the automobile to include electronic devices. On May 31, 2019 an investigative lead was developed in the case. The Sheriff’s Office learned one cellular phone stolen in the incident had been placed in the Eco ATM in the Pony Village Mall. The Eco ATM is a device for individuals who wish to recycle old electronic devices and receive cash in return. The device requires the person to leave a thumb print, signature and also requires them to scan a state issued identification during the transaction. The device also takes pictures of the individual during the transaction. The phone had been placed in the Eco ATM less than 30 minutes after it had been reported stolen. Through investigating the incident, the Sheriff’s Office arrested 29 year old Robert C. FinderFullerton of Coos Bay. Mr. FinderFullerton was already in custody on an unrelated matter, however; he had been found to be in possession of the identification of another person used to sell the phone during his original arrest by the Coos Bay Police Department on June 1, 2019.
Mr. FinderFullerton was charged with three counts of Forgery, three counts of identity theft, one count of theft II by receiving and a Parole Violation.

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