It is on this occasion that we would like to thank our customers for their valuable business. We believe appreciating each other is the best way to complement our services. At Atlas Edge Staffing Services we routinely vet candidates and offer quality skilled human resources. Without your valuable business it would not be possible to break our own records and set new standards for the company.

Therefore, we, the management of Atlas Edge Staffing Services, would like to thank you for being in business with us. We want you to know that we value you as a client and look forward to working with your company again in 2018!


About Atlas Edge Staffing Services

Atlas Edge Staffing Services are a pioneer in staffing solutions and have one of the biggest databases of potential employees in the skilled-labor category. We have over 2 decades of service experience in Oregon’s Bay Area and the Southern Oregon Coast. We offer your business the best opportunity for skilled, reliable and affordable staffing options. Our courteous and efficient staff will help you find just the employee(s) you are looking for.