ODFW release – SALEM, Ore. – Quagga mussels, an aquatic invasive species, were detected on Sept. 18 in the Snake River at Twin Falls, Idaho approximately 60 miles upstream from the Oregon border. This is the first instance of quagga mussel larvae called veligers being detected in the Columbia River basin. Veligers were found free floating in the Snake River at Centennial Waterfront Park and were not attached to any structures or watercraft. Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) did not find live quagga mussel larvae in any other Idaho waterbody and has activated its response plan. More information from ISDA can be found here: https://agri.idaho.gov/main/plants/snake-river-quagga-mussel-veligers. “We’re working with Idaho to stop the spread of quagga mussels and any other aquatic invasive species in Oregon,” said Rick Boatner, ODFW Invasive Species Wildlife Integrity Supervisor. “It is very important that all watercraft entering Oregon be inspected for quagga or other invaders.” Quagga mussels can cause serious damage to lakes, streams, irrigation, and water delivery systems. If detected in Oregon, ODFW and other state agencies have the expertise, equipment, and are positioned to take quick action if needed. ODFW has not detected the presence of quagga mussels in Oregon but has decontaminated ten watercrafts for quagga or zebra mussels and 287 watercrafts for other types of aquatic biofouling such as Eurasian Watermilfoil at inspection stations in 2023. Since the start of the Watercraft Inspection Stations program in 2010, ODFW has inspected 208,154 watercraft and intercepted and decontaminated 167 watercrafts with quagga or zebra mussels and 3,206 watercrafts with other types of aquatic biofouling. Visit https://myodfw.com/articles/waterway-access-and-aquatic-invasive-species-permits to learn more about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. ODFW reminds the public that all vehicles towing or carrying watercraft into Oregon must stop at any watercraft inspection station that is open to inspect for aquatic invasive species.