City of North Bend report: Beginning on May 16, 2022, North Bend Sanitation will be providing its free spring brush pickup in North Bend. Visit for a complete list of rules. General guidelines are a single pile placed at the curb, brush cut to the length of not more than five feet, and total quantity not to exceed two standard pickup truck beds full–flush to the top of the bed. Brush should be placed out before May 16 to ensure pickup, as they only go on your street once for this event. The City of North Bend encourages you to utilize this service for your spring trimming and trimming back trees and shrubs overhanging or crowding the sidewalk, roadway, traffic and street signs, and fire hydrants adjacent to your property. Vegetation obstructions in the public way are the adjoining property owner’s responsibility. Note that tree limbs over public sidewalks should be trimmed to a minimum height of eight feet and those extending over the street 14 feet. Trees and shrubs within a 30-foot triangle of the road at a street intersection must be maintained at less than 3½ feet above the curb elevation. Remember to get outside, enjoy your trimming and be safe doing it!

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