It often takes public assistance to catch a criminal. On October 11, 2021, a large Black-tail buck was reported injured in the reporting party’s yard within the city of Astoria. Sgt. Warwick responded and determined the deer was mortally wounded, so he had to put it down. Upon skinning the deer for salvage, it was discovered that the deer had been shot with an arrow or bolt. On October 12, 2021, Senior Trooper Schuerger responded to the location where the deer had been located, and after a lengthy search, found some dried blood on a trail. The blood trail led to another residence and the owner was contacted. The resident was able to provide a detailed description of a suspicious male, along with a photo, who had been in the yard looking around the evening before with night vision binoculars. The resident was able to further describe the suspect’s vehicle. With the residents’ description, a suspect was developed, who had previously (5 years prior) been arrested for shooting a deer in town. On several occasions, the suspect was seen in the area looking for the deer. At 1:00 A.M. on October 17, 2021, the suspect’s vehicle was spotted in the area by an Astoria Police Officer who then called Senior Trooper Schuerger. Senior Trooper Schuerger along with the Astoria Police Officer responded and contacted the suspect. The suspect admitted to having a deer down that he had just shot but denied having shot the deer earlier in the week. The suspect led officers to the downed deer, so it could be salvaged. The suspect eventually admitted to having shot the other deer on October 11 and was unable to find it. The suspect, James Lee Ogier Jr. (25), was arrested and lodged by Clatsop County Sheriffs on multiple unrelated charges. Sr. Trooper Schuerger also cited Ogier criminally for Unlawful Take Deer x2, Hunting Prohibited Method (crossbow) x2, Hunting Prohibited Area (city limits) x2, Hunting in Violation of Criminal Trespass, and Hunting Prohibited Hours. The suspect’s crossbow, spotlight, and night vision binoculars were seized as evidence. On October 18, 2021, a resident reported an arrow, which turned out to be another hunting bolt, stuck in their wooden fence in the same neighborhood where Ogier had been arrested.