SALEM, Ore.—The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking qualified applicants for the Fish Restoration and Enhancement (R and E) Program Board. Interested individuals must apply by Sept.11, 2020. This position represents the public on the R and E Board. The ideal candidate will be a resident of Oregon that is able to effectively represent the public of Oregon. Desirable attributes include: 1) involvement with fish culture, water conservation, habitat restoration, public recreation, or similar efforts related to fish or fisheries management; 2) previous experience with boards or commissions; 3) knowledge of, or involvement with, the diverse fish species or fisheries across Oregon, and/or; 4) knowledge of, or involvement with, the diverse populations or recreational access issues in Oregon. The Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program was created by the Oregon Legislature in 1989 to help fund fish restoration and enhancement projects throughout the state. The program is funded by a surcharge on sport and commercial fishing licenses and commercial poundage fees and is overseen by a seven-member citizen board made up of three sport fishing representatives, three representatives from the troll, gillnet and seafood processing industries and one public-at-large representative. The Board reviews grant proposals from various organizations and agencies and recommends projects for funding. Board members, who are appointed to four-year terms by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, meet two to four times each year in various communities throughout the state to review project funding applications, hear public testimony, act as liaisons between the program and the public and to conduct other program business. Board members are volunteers; however, Board-related business expenses are reimbursed. For more information and to obtain an application, go to the R and E Program website at or by contacting Kevin Herkamp, at (503) 947-6232 or