November 27, 2019, Salem, Oregon: After sitting pending for years, the Oregon Court of Appeals finally ruled on a challenge by Cascadia Wildlands to the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife’s decision to delist the gray wolf under the Oregon endangered species list. Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) and Oregon Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) intervened in the lawsuit to support the delisting decision and ensure the Court understood the impacts on ranching families. The Court held today that a bill championed by OCA and OFB, which delisted the gray wolf, rendered the case moot and the challenge was dismissed. This is a huge win for ranch families and the livestock industry, which have long advocated for responsible wolf management in Oregon. It’s important to note that wolves are still listed in parts of eastern Oregon and western Oregon under the federal Endangered Species Act, though OFB has strongly supported the recent proposal to delist them.