Bandon and Coquille’s girls each won state championships at the OSAA/OnPoint Community Credit Union State Track & Field Championships Friday at Hayward Field, Eugene. The Lady Tigers took the 2A crown with 97-points, Enterprise-Wallowa was second with 68. Coquille won the 3A crown with 84.5-points to Catlin Gabel’s 66. Siuslaw was 16th (18), Brookings-Harbor 29th (2). In the 1A, Myrtle Point was 15th (16) & Powers 21st (8). Myrtle Point’s boys were second (50) to Imbler in the 1A. Pacific was 29th (7). In the 2A race, Gold Beach was 10th (25), Reedsport 11th (23), and Bandon 27th (6). In the boy’s 3A, Siuslaw was third (68), Coquille 24th (5) and Brookings-Harbor 30th (2). Girl’s individually: 2A Javelin: Caitlyn Michalek, Bandon, 1st, 131-00; Katelyn Senn, Bandon, 2nd, 123-08. 3A High Jump: Emelia Wirebaugh, Coquille, T5th, 4-08.75. 1A Discus: Jayme Padgett, MP, 3rd 106-03; 2A Long Jump: Marley Petrey, Bandon, 1st, 16-02.75; 3A Javelin: Callie Millet, Coquille, 1st, 125-10; Jane Lacouture, Siuslaw, 5th, 109-03; 2A High Jump: Caitlyn Michalek, Bandon, T4th, 4-09.50; Makiah Vierck, Bandon, T7th, 4-07.25; 3A Discus: Holli Vigue, Coquille, 1st, 131-04; Callie Millet, Coquille, 6th, 100-09; 1A Javelin: Danika Bushnell, Powers, 2nd, 116-07; Kenzie Robinson, MP, 4th, 114-10; 3A Long Jump: Melanie Lambson, Coquille, 1st, 16-10; 2A Triple Jump: Marley Petrey, Bandon, 2nd, 34-04.75; 3A Pole Vault: Reagan Krantz, Coquille, 1st, 11-07; Callie Millet, Coquille, 2nd, 10-05.50; Ada Millet, Coquille, 6th, 8-09.75; 3A Triple Jump: Melanie Lambson, Coquille, 34-10.25; Emelia Wirebaugh, Coquille, 33-10.25; 3A Shot Put: Holli Vigue, Coquille, 1st, 37-08.75; Jane Lacouture, Siuslaw, 2nd, 35-04; Danin Lacouture, Siuslaw, 6th, 34-01.25; 2A 3000: Analise Miller, Bandon, 6th, 11:17.98; 3A 3000: Alison Hughes, Siuslaw, 7th, 11:28.07; 1A 4X100R: Myrtle Pt. (M. Miller, J. Warner, T. Farmer, K. Robinson) 4th, 52.86; 2A 4X100R: Bandon 6th (G. Moore, C. Michalek, M. Vierck, A. Miller), 6th, 52.36; 3A 1500: Maya Wells, Siuslaw, 8th, 5:05.10; 2A 100: Marley Petrey, Bandon, 1st, 12.83; Makenna Vierck, Bandon, 8th, 13.22; 2A 400: Makenna Vierck, Bandon, 8th, 1:04.87; 3A 400: Lexie Newman, Brookings-Harbor, 7th, 1:00.95; 2A 100H: Makiah Vierck, Bandon, 3rd, 16.79; 2A 800: Analise Miller, Bandon, 2nd, 2:23.77; 2A 200: Makenna Vierck, Bandon, 7th, 27.21; 2A 300H: Marley Petrey, Bandon, 1st, 46.07; Giada Moore, Bandon, 3rd, 48.15; 3A 300H: Ada Millet, Coquille, 1st, 47.10; 2A 4X400R: Bandon (M. Vierck, S. Dimitruk, M. Vierck, A. Miller) 4th, 4:17/02. Boy’s individually: 2A Pole Vault: Noah Brown, Bandon, T3rd, 12-00.75; 3A Shot Put: Maximus Reynold, Siuslaw, 6th, 42-11. 3A Pole Vault: Justin Allen, Siuslaw, 4th, 12-07.25; Dylan Jensen, Siuslaw, 5th, 12-07.25; Will Johnson, Siuslaw, 6th, 12-07.25; 1A Shot Put: Mason Detzler, MP, 1st, 54-00; Logan Clayburn, MP, 8th, 44-09; 3A Long Jump: Kale Jensen, Siuslaw, 2nd, 21-00.75; Will Johnson, Siuslaw, 4th, 20-09.25; 2A Shot Put: Korben Storns, Gold Beach, 4th, 42-00.75; 2A Discus: Korben Storns, Gold Beach, 1st, 149-04; 3A Triple Jump: Will Johnson, Siuslaw, 6th, 41-00; 1A Discus: Mason Detzler, MP, 1st, 171-07; Logan Clayburn, MP, 6th, 133-01; 2A Javelin: Nelson Wilstead, Gold Beach, 1st, 172-02; 3A High Jump: Kale Jensen, Siuslaw, 6-00.75; 3A Discus: Jerico Jones, Coquille, 4th, 135-07; 2A 3000: Clayton Wilson, Reedsport, 1st, 8:59.58; 3A 4X100R: Siuslaw (W. Johnson, W. Nicholls, D. Vanduch, R. Brito Xilot) 1st, 43.84; 2A 1500: Clayton Wilson, Reedsport, 1st, 4:10.23; 1A 100: Thomas Ferren, MP, 1st, 11.19; Dalton Steers, Pacific, 6th, 11.77; 3A 400: Wesley Nicholls, Siuslaw, 6th, 52.43; 1A 110HH: Thomas Ferren, MP, 3rd, 15.72; Tucker Long, Pacific, 8th, 16.45; 2A 110HH: Raistlin Shippert, Bandon, 8th, 17.08; 3A 110HH: Kale Jensen, Siuslaw, 7th, 16.63; 3A 800: Peter Goode, Brookings-Harbor, 7th, 2:03.18; 1A 200: Thomas Ferren, MP, 1st, 22.59; 1A 300IH: Tucker Long, Pacific, 6th, 42.27; 3A 300IH: Derrick Vanduch, Siuslaw, 5th, 40.86; 3A 4X400R: Siuslaw (R. Brito Xilot, D. Jensen, D. Vanduch, W. Nicholls), 4th, 3:28.51.

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