ODFW recently announced an increase from a 1-fish bag limit to a 2-fish bag limit for the Pacific halibut fishery south of Cape Falcon. For those anglers that have purchased, or plan to purchase, a daily or multi-daily angling license (which includes a combined angling tag), please note the electronic and paper versions currently only allow 1 tagged halibut per angler per day to be recorded. This issue will be resolved in the system for future years, but for the remainder of 2021, the following guidelines must be followed for halibut anglers fishing in the Central Coast and Southern Oregon Subareas. Anglers who keep two halibut per day in Oregon south of Cape Falcon, (as allowed for the remainder of the 2021 halibut season) and who are using a daily or multi-daily combined angling tag to record their halibut harvest, must: Record the first halibut on the paper tag or MyODFW app as usual. Record the second halibut in any open space on the paper tag, or on any paper, if e-tagging (anglers using e-tagging should plan to have paper and pen with them to do this). Remember to include the species, location code, day and month, and length of the halibut in inches. For additional information please see our halibut map and the ODFW Sport Halibut page.