City of North Bend release – Property Watch is a program that the North Bend Police Department started in 2022 and is designed to assist owners of commercial properties, businesses, and apartment complexes curb unwanted activity that occurs after business hours or when the owner (or manager) cannot be contacted. Without authority granted by the person responsible for the property/business, the police are often not able to take action on non-criminal issues that occur on private property. Some examples would be non-residents/customers hanging out on property, skateboarding, non-customer vehicles in the parking lot, etc. The Property Watch Program allows the person responsible for the property to partner with the police and authorize the police to act in their behalf when they are not there. This program is based in similar successful programs used by Astoria Police, Beaverton Police, Pendleton Police, Salem Police and Coos Bay Police. ​The legal foundation is a signed agreement that provides the authority for police to contact people that are on private property (that are members of the Property Watch) and ask them to leave the property. The goal is to have the police legally able to assist in helping keep your property safe when you are not there. There is no cost to you to be part of the program, it is renewed yearly and you can withdraw from the program at any time. Applications are available on the city website at

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