Nearly 110K tags still need to be reported – ODFW release – SALEM, Ore.—Big game hunters who purchased or were issued a deer or elk tag in 2021 must report their hunt by Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT (for any hunt that ended by Dec. 31, 2021). Report online at ODFW’s Licensing system or at a license sale agent. Failure to report by the deadline will result in a $25 penalty when purchasing a 2023 hunting license. Hunters should also report any other 2021 big game (cougar, bear, antelope) or turkey tags though there is no penalty for not reporting these tags. Hunters need to report on every 2021 deer, elk, bear, cougar, turkey and pronghorn tag purchased or issued as part of a Sports Pac license—even if they didn’t harvest an animal or go hunting. E-taggers who validated their tag through the app or online also still need to complete a separate report. Nearly 110,000 tags deer or elk tags out of 257,584 still need to be reported by the deadline. As of today, 64,851 buck deer tags, (out of 147,967 tags) 1,778 antlerless deer tags (out of 5,770) and 43,316 elk tags (out of 104,387) have yet to be reported and are due Jan. 31.