UO release – Four days into preseason camp for the Oregon football team, and the evaluation process is only just beginning for offensive coordinator and QB coach Kenny Dillingham. The Ducks have a new starting quarterback to identify. They have transfers to compete with the returning talent at receiver and running back. There are some young offensive linemen looking to push the veteran group that returns up front. When the Ducks left the practice field Monday, there were four days of film to evaluate, countless reps that will help make decisions in those competitions. But the meat of that process is still to come as preseason camp continues. “We haven’t even had full pads yet,” Dillingham pointed out. “We haven’t played football yet.” The first full week of camp began Monday. Three weeks from then, it will be game week for Oregon’s season opener. Between now and then, there’s much to be sorted out. And when exactly any of it happens is up to the players involved. “It’s going to take what it takes,” Dillingham said Monday, when asked about how the team’s two preseason scrimmages will impact the QB competition. “And whatever that is, it is. There’s no magic number to it.” There are nuances to coach over the next month; Dillingham said both Bo Nix and Ty Thompson have worked on a more compact release in their throwing motion, while Jay Butterfield’s focus has been footwork. There’s new verbiage for the vets on the offensive line to learn. But in some ways, there’s a simple way for players to stand out. Take the running backs, and what Dillingham is looking for from them. “It’s about yards per carry,” he said. “And it’s about explosive plays.” There’s a great line from the movie “Bull Durham” about how baseball is a simple game: “You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball.” Of course, there are endless details to refine too. And football is no different – the depths of technical knowledge are immense. But also, it’s a simple game: You move the ball. You try to score the ball. On defense, you try to prevent all of that. As preseason camp progresses for Oregon, those are the goals. In some ways, it’s a simple game.

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